Robin E Kaplan
Robin E Kaplan
Children's Book Illustration

Robin E Kaplan

Children's Book Illustration


About Me

After putting in four year's hard time in video game art and design, Robin graduated art school with a children's book portfolio and has been working in that capacity ever since.

From April 2008, she has been working with the award-winning, illustrating classic kids stories as read by Mrs P, played by the inimitable Kathy Kinney, best known as Mimi from 'The Drew Carey Show.' In early 2010 she put out her first book with Createspace, 'The Last Keyhole,' and will be designing the upcoming book for Mrs P.

She likes to draw pictures of nice ghosts and monsters and lives in an apartment that looks like Halloween all year long.


Visit to view Robin's illustrations in such stories as Aladdin, Snow White, Alice and Wonderland, The Tell-tale Heart, and the Seven Swans.

This entertaining and heart-felt show has won many accolades since its launch.

New Book!

Robin's first book is now available on! 'The Last Keyhole' is a gothic picture book for kids who'd rather be friends with monsters than frightened of them.
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